For Teens

  • At age 16, students may sign up for driver’s education, but can only complete the classroom portion. 
  • Get the state manual from the registry. 
  • After studying, take the writing test to get your permit - need various IDs.
  • Begin 30 hours of classroom lessons.  
  • Parents must attend a 2-hour class with their student drivers.
  • Students complete 6 hours of observation, watching other experienced drivers navigate the roads. 
  • Upon completion of classroom instruction, students go through a minimum of 12 hours of behind-the-wheel. If need-be, we are glad to do more until the student feels confident and comfortable.  
  • After completing these portions, the RMV will issue a certificate of completion in their system.  
  • Students must complete an additional 40 hours of supervised road practice and show proof to the RMV. 
  • Students must hold the permit for 6 months before booking a road test. 
  • After successfully passing the road test, students will become licensed drivers.  


For Drivers
Aged 18+

  • Although it is not required, you may book individual lessons as needed to prepare for the road test. 
  • We are glad to book and sponsor a road test for you. 
  • See our helpful links page for more information.