About Us

Blessing Auto, a family-owned business licensed by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, has taught drivers how to navigate the ways of the road and the ways of life, since 2011. Started by a life-long teacher with more than 20 years of experience in educating drivers, Blessing Auto has helped thousands of teens, new-drivers, immigrants and families drive safely on the roads of Greater Boston and Massachusetts. 

Based in Lynn, Blessing Auto primarily serves the North Shore communities.


Blessing Auto School aims to equip drivers for confident and safe operation behind the wheel.  We take the responsibility of driver’s education seriously and aim to instill not only good skills, but also good habits, in all of our students.  



Why Blessing Auto?

Relationship - Our students are more than just customers. We treat every student like just like we would our own family, and we work to continuously build trust throughout the relationship.

Respect - We believe you give respect to get respect. From their time to their pace to their personalities, we respect our students and their individual needs for their driver’s education experience.

High pass rate - We have graduated XX% of students to the roads of Massachusetts, as not only licensed drivers, but also safe drivers. 

Honesty - We are painfully honest about everything, because we never want to cheat students out of the best driver’s education experience possible. 

Faith - We are one of the only faith-based driving schools in the Greater Boston area. Not only do we have faith in God, but we have faith in our students to successfully master the skills necessary for safe driving. 

Confidence - We turn a notoriously nerve-wracking experience into a pleasant learning experience, teaching our students to always approach the road with confident positivity.