Teaching you how to navigate the ways of the road and the ways of life. 



Standard Teen Driving Course

One of the biggest factors of safe driving is attitude. At Blessing Auto School, we teach not only safe defensive skills, but also a safe, proactive attitude. Teens in our standard driving course will learn to approach the road with confidence and control.

Individual Lessons

In Massachusetts, drivers over the age of 18 are not required to take drivers education, but lessons are still a good idea. We offer flexible instruction for adults by-the-hour, because we know that when it comes to learning to drive, you need training, not hand-holding. 

Road Test

For teens that take our course and adult drivers, we are glad to book and sponsor your road test with the RMV. Our vehicles are safe and fully insured, and are inspected by the RMV. For more information about what is covered in the road test, click below. 



Our Responsibility to Our Students

  • Connection - Started as a family business, our students become part of the family, and we treat them like our own.
  • Comprehension - It’s not just about learning to pass a test, it’s learning to pass on.  
  • Patience - Learning anything takes time, and we go each student’s pace.   
  • Excellence - Some would say we’re by-the-book, but true mastery requires discipline. 
  • Collaboration - We believe in working with students, not just telling them what to do, to help them learn.  
  • Time - With us, nothing takes longer or shorter than it should. Our students’ time is valuable, and we honor that.