Our Responsibility
to You

Blessing Auto School equips drivers for confident and safe operation behind the wheel.  We take the responsibility of driver’s education seriously and aim to instill not only good skills, but also good habits, in all of our students.  

The principles we value carry through every aspect of our business and every minute of our instruction: 

  • Connection - Started as a family business, our students become part of the family, and we treat them like our own.
  • Comprehension - It’s not just about learning to pass a test, it’s learning to pass on.  
  • Patience - Learning anything takes time, and we go each student’s pace.   
  • Excellence - Some would say we’re by-the-book, but true mastery requires discipline. 
  • Collaboration - We believe in working with students, not just telling them what to do, to help them learn.  
  • Time - With us, nothing takes longer or shorter than it should. Our students’ time is valuable, and we honor that. 


Your Responsibility
to Yourself

Although we have our values, we don’t believe our students owe us anything. But you do owe it to yourself and other drivers on the road to get the most out your experience of learning how to drive. 

A few ways to get the best driver’s education experience you can:  

  • Attendance - We waste no time in our curriculum, meaning missing even just one class can put you behind. Attending all classes, observations and behind-the-wheel sessions, in addition to keeping up with all assignments, is the best way to make sure you pass the RMV tests with flying colors. 
  • Cancellations - Should you need to cancel a class for any reason, it’d be best to give us notice at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make sure you get rescheduled and caught up. 
  • Pacing - It’s not about speeding through the lessons, it’s about taking them all in for deep learning. Driving skills build on each other, and skipping steps makes for a more difficult process. So if you find yourself wanting to get ahead, slow down - just like on the road.   
  • Practice - Perfect practice makes perfect. Take home the things you learn in both classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions, and try it for yourself. 

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